Clone 19

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Clone 19

“Inspection – I wanted to make a scene where the Clone Troopers are standing by for inspection check. The dirt and texture on the Trooper’s armour show what the Troopers have gone through, with the clean Arc Trooper in the background checking on them.”

Size: 297mm x 420mm_A3
Materials: Photo paper
Finishing: Laminated

Chua Yuhang
I started toy photography as a hobby back in 2019 to pass the time, but then I found a passion in doing so, as I can tell stories of my own through toys. I could make Darth Vader fight with characters that weren’t seen together in the movies, or Luke Skywalker fighting a group of stormtroopers. The possibilities are endless! With just toys and a camera, the only limit here is my imagination.

Social Media ID: atlas.toysz(Instagram)


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