Clone 02

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Clone 02

“The New Age – AOTC is when the Clones were first introduced with their Phase 1 armour. Halfway through the Clone Wars, the clone troopers were upgraded to their Phase 2 armour. The shot I took was to show the Trooper about to put on his Phase 2 helmet, which is still clean as compared to the armour he is currently wearing, which has been through some wear and tear.”

Size: 297mm x 420mm_A3
Materials: Photo paper
Finishing: Laminated

Chua Yuhang
I started toy photography as a hobby back in 2019 to pass the time, but then I found a passion in doing so, as I can tell stories of my own through toys. I could make Darth Vader fight with characters that weren’t seen together in the movies, or Luke Skywalker fighting a group of stormtroopers. The possibilities are endless! With just toys and a camera, the only limit here is my imagination.

Social Media ID: atlas.toysz(Instagram)


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