Mando 13

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Mando 13

“There's little that's known about the Yoda species and part of it is their home planet. I'm imagining it to be peaceful and filled with lush greenery. Grogu, being the ever-hungry hobbit-like creature, would have no difficulty finding food wherever he went. This is the pristine life that would be free from the strife raging in the other systems and planets.”

Size: 297mm x 420mm_A3
Materials: Photo paper
Finishing: Laminated

Benjamin Tan
“I've been a photographer for more than 10 years but have only been shooting toy photography for the past 2 years. Street photography has always been my thing and I enjoy shooting scenes of people in their natural environment. While street photography is often unstaged and spontaneous, toy photography allows me to hone my story-telling skills by deliberately arranging the scene to show what I want my audience to see. The interpretation, however, is up to them to decide. I'm also starting to use toy photography as a means of therapy for others, if they are unable to use words effectively.”

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