Mando 22

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Mando 22

Team Up!

“This photo was inspired by the battle scene in the last episode of the "Book of Boba Fett", where Grogu showed up at the last minute to help. I re-imagined them caught in the battle together, working side by side with each other.”

Size: 297mm x 420mm_A3
Materials: Photo paper
Finishing: Laminated

Ken Loh
Besides being a Toy Photographer, I am also a 3D Animator and Lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts, Puttnam School of Film and Animation. What attracts me to toy photography is the thrill of telling stories with inanimate objects and bringing them to life – the same reason why I became an animator. While it can take a long time to create a short animated film, the toy photography process is much faster. This allows me to create more works within a shorter time.

Social Media ID: kentoyphoto (Instagram); kentoyphoto  (Facebook); kenloh (Flickr)


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