OG 11

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OG 11

“If I were a stormtrooper in this scene, I would definitely get a nervous breakdown every time the Emperor walks past me. I would hope that it would not be one of those NDP marches where the president would speak to a random soldier as he/she walks past the contingent. Please don't pick me, please don't pick me, please don't pick me...”

Size: 297mm x 420mm_A3
Materials: Photo paper
Finishing: Laminated

Benjamin Tan
I've been a photographer for more than 10 years but have only been shooting toy photography for the past 2 years. Street photography has always been my thing and I enjoy shooting scenes of people in their natural environment. While street photography is often unstaged and spontaneous, toy photography allows me to hone my story-telling skills by deliberately arranging the scene to show what I want my audience to see. The interpretation, however, is up to them to decide. I'm also starting to use toy photography as a means of therapy for others, if they are unable to use words effectively.

Social Media ID: funisseriousbusiness (Instagram)


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